TOTAL BALANCE [Oily skins]

Excess sebum is the common link between mixed and oily skin. This type of skin usually shows signs of dehydration and clogged pores. Due to these factors, a balance of the epidermis is required, and an extra control of brightness and imperfections, to achieve purified and hydrated skin without excess sebum. 

TOTAL BALANCE is a balancing and purifying line that helps restore the pH of the skin, regenerates and reinforces its antibacterial action, thus achieving a pimple-free appearance, unwanted shine and tuning the texture of the skin.

Leitmotiv: Red Clover

A unique complex: Red clover + Phyto Mineral
Balance. An effective active ingredient in reducing
the percentage of sebum on the surface. Its
properties increase cell renewal and contribute to
improve pore size.