Grape Love Intensifier

Intensive concentrate for a better oxygenated skin, free of impurities and recovering its luminosity again. Contains highly anti-oxidant ingredients like Mediterranean grape, bioactive plant molecules and white willow. Which ones manage to stimulate the cellular regeneration for a correct internal functioning and tune the skin to unblock the pores and remove all impurities.

The story behind the product

From the very first formula Francesc gave us we saw that we had something very powerful in our hands. Grape Love is a great impurity cure. Grape Love is…

  • 96,5% Natural.
  • An intensive concentrate.
  • A natural renovator.

it is our Intensifier for having an intensive renewing of your skin. t helps to minimize your skin imperfections.

When you feel your skin suffocates easily or when you need a shock descaling treatment for your skin is when Grape Love appears with it’s
Mediterranean Grape that is rich in Resveratrol, one of the greatest antioxidants and circulatory ingredients that exist.


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Intensive concentrate for suffocated skins.

  • Ampoule 30ml (Code 40.30.2)
  • HOW TO USE: Apply by means of draining movements before the massage or if it is desired can work with aparatology to enhance the result.
  • WARNINGS: Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.